BlackRock Global ETP Landscape – November 2018

Li Wei BlackRock iShares ETF etfs etp etps

Global ETPs collected $56.5bn in November – the best month since January of this year – propelled by Fixed Income and strength across most equity categories with the exception of European Equities. …

Wei Li Head of Investment Strategy, ETF and Index Investments EMEA – ‎BlackRock

Year-to-date flows scaled to $447.5bn, well behind last year’s pace through November of $594.1bn.

Fixed Income gathered $18.7bn, the highest month since June 2017 amid rising interest rates. U.S. Treasury fund flows remained strong, bringing in $9.1bn focused in Short Maturity funds with $7.5bn.

Short Maturity funds across all fixed income categories took in $11.3bn amid tighter financial conditions including higher interest rates, a stronger dollar and more volatile stock markets.  Within Blended Maturities, Broad Multi-Sector funds took in $2.4bn.

High Yield Bond funds had outflows for the third consecutive month with ($1.0bn).

U.S. Equity inflows accelerated to $19.0bn, nearly five times last month’s total, boosted by solid corporate earnings and strong economic growth. Flows were focused in Large Cap with $12.9bn, Dividend Smart Beta with $3.9 and Mid Cap with $2.6bn. Sector funds were marked by rotations into  Health Care $1.8bn and Consumer Staples $0.7bn offset by outflows from Technology($2.5bn), Financials ($1.8bn) and Industrials ($1.5bn).

Emerging Markets (EM) Equities had a second month of robust inflows with $10.3bn split between Broad MultiCountry funds and Single-Country funds led by China Equities with $2.4bn.

Europe Equities shed ($2.3bn) – the ninth consecutive month of outflows -against the backdrop of relatively muted earnings growth, weak economic momentum and political uncertainty.  November outflows were focused in UK and EMU exposures as the Brexit draft deal moves toward a vote by UK lawmakers.

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