ETP Landscape: Equity ETPs lead march flows, but developed markets pace slows while emerging markets turns corner

– Global ETP inflows totaled $12.9bn in March driven by equity funds, which added $15.4bn after a sizeable rebound during the latter half of February……

Russ Koesterich, BlackRock’s Chief Investment Strategist

–          US equity ETP flows of $15.8bn were steady through mid-month but began to ease once the Fed hinted rising rates may come earlier in 2015 than expected.
–        Selling pressure abated for emerging markets equity ETPs. Redemptions moderated to ($1.8bn) in March and finished the month with six consecutive days of inflows across both broad-based and single country funds.
–         Japanese and pan-European equity ETPs – strong contributors to flows during the past year – both stalled as further signs of economic improvement remain slow to emerge.
          o   Japanese equity ETP outflows of ($0.7bn) represented the first monthly redemptions in two years.
          o   Pan-European equity ETPs broke their own 10-month asset gathering streak, posting outflows of ($0.9bn).
·         Fixed income ETP outflows were ($3.2bn) for the month. Steady asset gathering for broad/aggregate, investment grade and high yield corporate bond funds was outweighed by US Treasury ETP redemptions of ($9.5bn) that unwound February’s inflows.

Source: – BlackRock ETP Research

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