Napoleon Index approved as Benchmark Administrator and Calculation Agent in Europe

IFRAH Stephane Napoleon Group Index

Napoleon Group announces that Napoleon Index, the group’s index division, has been registered as a benchmark agent by the French financial regulator, l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers ……

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Stephane Ifrah, CEO of Napoleon Group

Napoleon Index is the index administrator and calculation agent division of Napoleon Group for proprietary benchmarks using machine learning algorithms.

Main indices will be disseminated through regular data vendors, on and on the public Ethereum blockchain for audit trail.

This Index platform offers an optional, first-of-its-kind audit tracking system based on blockchain technology for enhanced transparency and security.

Napoleon Index produces tailor-made index solutions for investment banks, asset managers, broker-dealers and open source trading  strategists.

Stephane Ifrah, CEO of Napoleon Group, commented: “Napoleon Index is the first benchmark calculator and administrator to offer audit tracking using blockchain technology to asset managers and investment banks across Europe. This is another way in which blockchain can be applied to bring a significant benefit in efficiency, security and transparency to fund providers and their clients.”

Napoleon Index’s arrival is significant for how it drives the asset management industry forward by expanding the range of services available to traders and investors.

Napoleon Index’s quantitative trading management, microservices platform and blockchain-based services sidestep the structural roadblocks to greater efficiency and transparency inherent in legacy systems.

Napoleon Index was approved by the AMF under the European Union (EU) Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) on February 28th, 2019.

The BMR, which came into force on June 30th, 2016, established a common framework and consistent approach to benchmark calculation and administration across the EU.

It aims to ensure robust and reliable benchmarks as well as minimizing conflicts of interest in benchmark-setting processes, ultimately to protect investors.

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